Interfund Accounting Made Easy for Nonprofits with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Well-designed and implemented technology business solutions are the key to operating efficiently.  Many solutions and services are designed specifically to help not-for-profit organizations improve performance through technology.  One such solution is Interfund Management.

Many nonprofits still struggle with reconciling their … Read more


Turn insight into action with powerful analysis and reporting tools

Decisions—strategic, tactical, and operational—are the fuel that drives daily business activities and long-term business success. Microsoft Dynamics GP enables confident decision-making at all levels of your business based on solid … Read more


How is your organization managing revenues and expenses for projects or grants?  Are you still using the GL chart of accounts?    Does your organizations rely on the accounting department to input and update project/grant information?  Do your project/grant managers have … Read more


Many organizations rely on grants to provide a recurring source of income.  However, grant revenues come with their own unique set of challenges.  Most grants require you to track and report on how grant money is spent.   Such reporting can … Read more


The first step is creating a world class budgeting and financial reporting solution begins with the budget.

TIP # 1 When creating budgets, don’t start with last year’s budget.   Start from scratch.   Zero-based budgeting forces you to rethink your entire … Read more


Build more value with lower IT costs on the Microsoft platform!

Now, more than ever, IT budgets are under close scrutiny.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, however, you are not just giving your organization powerful analysis tools, you are also … Read more


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