Spend more time securing grants and performing effective management—and less time dealing with technology and processes. Microsoft Dynamics GP supports NFP, charity and membership organizations by providing software tools and extensive business management capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fully … Read more


Kinect, Business Presentations, and Microsoft Dynamics GP for your Not-for-Profit

One of the more eye-opening demos at Convergence 2012 in Houston a few months back was the use of Microsoft Kinect with Dynamics GP. While Kinect is more associated with consumer electronics, Microsoft has been signaling that this sophisticated … Read more


Easy Encumbrance Management for Non-Profits with Dynamics GP

Encumbrance is an accounting technique that protects budgets from being overspent. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Encumbrance Management module is designed primarily for not-for-profit and governmental organizations. It is easy to set up and well-suited to control budgets in situations where … Read more


When first starting out, most organizations begin with relatively basic accounting software, with many nonprofits specifically choosing QuickBooks.  As your nonprofit grows and expands, it may face a number of challenges as you hit the limits of accounting functionality Read more


Part of running a successful organization includes knowing the financial status of your company at all times.  You rely on your accounting software to be up-to-date so you can make informed business decisions.  Proven software should allow users to monitor … Read more


Microsoft Forecaster Speeds Up the Budgeting Process for Nonprofits

Managers generally are not fond of planning yearly budgets or engaging in other forecasting exercises since it’s viewed as time taken away from helping the not-for-profit’s cause. But with Microsoft Forecaster 7.0, the budget process doesn’t have to trigger instant … Read more


Microsoft Convergence 2012: What’s New for Your Not-for-Profit’s Dynamics Solution?

At Microsoft Convergence 2012 there were many new features that will soon become available for all of your nonprofit management solutions. There were many sessions available from “What’s new in Management Reporter” to Microsoft Dynamics SL enhancements and of … Read more


Webinar: Make Revenue and Expense Deferrals More Efficient for Your Not-for-Profit

Can’t seem to fully integrate your revenue & expense deferrals? Now you can automate the deferral of key revenues or expenses at the time of transaction entry to reduce repetitive and manual entry efforts in the future. Don’t waste the … Read more


Upgrading Your Hardware? Consider an ERP Upgrade for Your Not-for-Profit

Whenever you upgrade hardware, whether it is on the desktop or in the data center, there are bound to be some software changes that go along with it.  In some cases, your hardware upgrades may coincide with an OS upgrade, … Read more


Integrate Your Not-for-Profit Software: Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM

Having your business solution systems working together helps your not-for-profit employees share and find data increasing their productivity and in turn increasing donations.  Well now there is a way to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your Microsoft Dynamics ERP SolutionRead more


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