Beyond basic reporting
Today’s businesses simply expect real-time access to decision-driving information and reports. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can go well beyond basic reporting and use familiar tools and formats to make decisions that can take your business … Read more


Easy Encumbrance Management for Non-Profits with Dynamics GP

Encumbrance is an accounting technique that protects budgets from being overspent. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Encumbrance Management module is designed primarily for not-for-profit and governmental organizations. It is easy to set up and well-suited to control budgets in situations where … Read more


Are you outgrowing your current accounting solution or struggling with legacy systems that make it difficult to seize new opportunities? Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a line of business solutions for small and midsize organizations that provide you with greater control Read more


A good accounting software solution is just one piece of the puzzle for most non-profits.    For example, associations may have a Social CRM or a membership system in addition to their accounting system.   Similarly, non-profit healthcare organizations may have one … Read more


Business Analyzer Delivers Business Intelligence to your Nonprofit

Available in the R2 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Business Analyzer is an effective way to deliver access to a business intelligence solution anywhere within your organization. With just your Internet Explorer browser, general users can view important … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP has a great field, table and window repository at the user’s finger tips. What the application does not do so easily is connect the dots between the window, the table and the field.  So how does a Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive ERP solution that goes beyond basic business management and reporting to help your people – and your organization – work at peak performance.  Designed for rapid implementation and ease of use, Microsoft Dynamics GPRead more


Instant Business Intelligence with Dynamics GP Business Portal for Your Nonprofit

The Business Portal is a powerful Dynamics GP service that allows not-for-profits non-GP users access to important dashboards and other business metrics through their browsers. Within the Business Portal, the Executive Center is especially appealing to high-level executives. It provides … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Alerts Keep your Nonprofit Informed

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides extensive reporting and, with Microsoft Dynamics SmartList, interactive list building capabilities. However, not-for-profits often need to be able to react in real-time when responding to fundraising events. Dynamics GP provides a very simple, but powerful, … Read more


Dynamic Organizations are connected, forward-looking organizations that thrive by empowering their people to reach their full potential.

Microsoft is helping to redefine how Accounting solutions empower people for greater success, predict potential issues and opportunities, and enable organizations to expand … Read more


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