In attempt to significantly improve the financial transparency of nonprofit organizations, the IRS expanded required disclosure in the Form 990.

In the article “Nonprofit Disclosures to IRS Not Living up to Expectations” Michael Cohn of Accounting Today, … Read more


Nonprofit organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation, American Urological Association, and The Philadelphia Zoo, to name a few, leverage technology to lift their teams out of endless streams of paperwork and into analysis, strategy, and more time dedicated to serving … Read more


In resolution of recent budget debates, the House of Representatives has approved trillion dollar budget cuts to government programs and charities. In the latest budget debate concerning prevention of the rise in interest rates on student loans, additional budget cuts … Read more


A commonly used form of social capital is bonding. Bonding is the development of close interpersonal relationships between the organization and stakeholder in order to gain the stakeholder’s support. The acquisition of these close interpersonal relationships is greatly influenced Read more


What is social capital? Social capital is the expected benefits derived from preferential collaboration between groups and individuals.  With good use of social capital, a nonprofit organization can develop a wide network of connections. These connections help establish the nonprofits’ Read more


Some people are born fundraisers.  Others are so passionate about their cause, that they have no problem asking for a contribution.  And then there are those individuals who are just uncomfortable asking for money no matter how passionate or connected … Read more


Transparency and accountability are important issues for most nonprofit organizations that want to show members, donors, and constituents how funding and contributions are being used.  But how do you improve visibility if your software keeps data shrouded in a fog?  … Read more


In the article “4 Reasons CFOs Should Care about Integrated Reporting”, Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft, discusses key reasons why integrated reporting is so important for organizations.  Below is a summary of … Read more


Serenic BudgetVision is fully integrated with Serenic Navigator, financial management software designed specifically to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. The Serenic  financial management system supports and enhances the unique workflow processes of nonprofit and public sector organizations. Nonprofits … Read more


The AICPA recently released a white paper “Measurement of Fair Value for Certain Transactions of Not-for-Profit Entities” to help organizations navigate fair value measurement involving three key transaction types:

  • Unconditional promises to give cash or other financial assets
Read more

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