Spend more time securing grants and performing effective management—and less time dealing with technology and processes. Microsoft Dynamics GP supports NFP, charity and membership organizations by providing software tools and extensive business management capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fully … Read more


There aren’t enough hours in the day. That saying is particularly true for those who work for a not-for-profit. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a not-for-profit component that can help you streamline the information most important to you, saving you time … Read more


One of the most time consuming tasks of many non-profit accounting departments is making sure that expenses are properly allocated across the various programs and grants.     It doesn’t have to be time consuming, though.   With the proper accounting system, allocating … Read more


As part of Microsoft’s unprecedented period of product launches in 2012,  More and more organizations are utilizing Microsoft new release technologies to help save time and money.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, expected to be available Dec. 19, introduces significant new … Read more


A good accounting software solution is just one piece of the puzzle for most non-profits.    For example, associations may have a Social CRM or a membership system in addition to their accounting system.   Similarly, non-profit healthcare organizations may have one … Read more


When first starting out, most organizations begin with relatively basic accounting software, with many nonprofits specifically choosing QuickBooks.  As your nonprofit grows and expands, it may face a number of challenges as you hit the limits of accounting functionality Read more



  • Is your organization proactive or reactive to needed internal changes because of external challenges?
  • Are your systems helping your organization or holding you back from being on top of the financial
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A major challenge that all organizations face, not just non-profits, is how to make sure that people can easily get to the information they need for making timely financial decisions.    For example, it is very difficult for program managers to … Read more


Make Secure Payments with Safe Pay for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are your payments secured?

Like many organizations, you are constantly sending out checks to pay vendors, employees, and many other people who you do work with.  Unfortunately not everyone has good intentions and sometimes mistakes can happen.

Lately, check fraud … Read more


In the first two parts of this series, we talked about some key factors to consider when selecting financial accounting software, such as where the accounting application sits relative to the technology life cycle and what selection criteria are the … Read more


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