10 Reasons Why Nonprofits Have Upgraded To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The nonprofit world went from limited choices for association management software (AMS) to a dizzying array of options.  When Microsoft introduced Dynamics CRM the design of the system allowed for industry specific configurations like nonprofit association management and this platform is a game changer.  The following list contains the top reasons nonprofit clients have given for upgrading their AMS to Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1.       Low Initial and Ongoing Cost

Whether it’s monthly using CRM Online or hosted on-premise a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution can be dramatically less than similar solutions.  And if your association is a 501c3 you may qualify for Microsoft’s charity pricing. Plus the architecture allows you to make changes and create new features on your own at no charge.

2.       Easy Configuration and Changes

Microsoft CRM is built to be easily modified by your organization.  This gives you amazing flexibility to modify the solution to match changes in your association.

3.       Native Outlook Integration

This is one of the most powerful features. You can access all the functions of your association management solution right in Outlook without having to launch another program.  Plus all the contacts, appointments, tasks and even emails are synced with all users to create a central database of member information and staff contact.  And if you sync Outlook with your smartphone then your CRM is everywhere you go.

4.       Export to Excel

Need a new report and don’t want to wait for someone to design it?  Using the Advanced Find you can create unlimited views of your data and with a single click export it to Excel.  And it is dynamic so you have the latest data in your worksheet or pivot table.

5.       Regular Upgrades

Most software vendors delay upgrades but not Microsoft.  With a proven history of regular feature rich upgrades you are assured that the Microsoft resources are hard at work on the next release.  There are more Microsoft engineers working on CRM than all the current AMS vendors combined.

6.       Access to Data

The structure of CRM gives you transparent access to all your data.  It is your data after all, shouldn’t you have complete access?

7.       Hosting Options

Microsoft gives you the option to host CRM on your server locally or in the cloud at CRM online.

8.       Systems Integration

Using Microsoft GP or QuickBooks for accounting?  Want to integrate with other systems like social media?   Microsoft CRM integrates with other systems from simple web services to complex integrations.

9.       Member Portal

A Member Portal not only extends CRM data like contact info and events registration, it can use the CRM to create new Portal pages.  This gives you the ability to create new member pages without needing a web programmer.

10.   It’s a Microsoft Product – An enterprise level industry leader and the fastest growing CRM system worldwide.

Altai Systems is a Washington, DC area CRM Technology Consulting firm specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for non-profit association management with offices in Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. Their signature solution, Altai Membership, is a full-feature Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and is implementing on version 2011 online and on-premise.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Altai Membership solutions for not-for-profits, contact David Mangold at sales@altaisystems.com.

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