4 Benefits Cloud Services Can Bring Not-for-Profits

Cloud Services (http://www.cloudtechnology.com/cloud-services) is changing the face of the business world, but it doesn’t just benefit for-profit entities, they can be a great asset to Not-for-Profit organizations like yours.  However, before you can fully understand how you would benefit from Cloud Services, you need to understand what it is.

Cloud Services takes all of your computing resources (hardware, software, networking, storage and so on) and provides them in an all-inclusive solution that is provided rapidly according to your needs. The resources, or services, are governed to ensure that availability, security and quality all remain high. One of the key benefits available with Cloud Services is its ability to be scaled up and down, so that users get the resources they need: no more and no less. In short, Cloud Services enable IT to be delivered as a service.

So what benefits can Not-for-Profits, specifically, gain from using Cloud Services?

  1.  Because Not-for-Profit organizations operate on a limited budget, Cloud Services can present an opportunity to reduce costs associated with delivering IT services since an organization will only pay for IT resources that are used.
  2. With Cloud Services, key personnel can focus more on producing value and innovating for the business instead of managing various resources across the organization.
  3. Storing your data in the cloud saves you time and allows you to work more effectively by having quick access to the information you need and to use the programs you need, without worrying about lag time or crashes.
  4. Cloud Services provides extensive security which is often a concern for Not-for-Profit organizations with sensitive financial donor information, health and other private records as well as constituent information. When your records are stored in the cloud and centralized in a secure facility, you do not have to worry about misplacing files, potentially resulting in a third-party having access to those records.

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