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Non-profits face many unique challenges. Fund raising can be difficult or hard to predict, grant management often means generating financial reports in a variety of formats, and staff turnover means that systems need to be able to work smoothly.

One particular task that can be difficulty is making sure you have the right set of data in your ERP system. Too often, non-profits rely on spreadsheets and other silos of information that mean it can be difficult to find what you need. Intacct can help by providing a fully integrated ERP system, so that data entered in one spot flows to where it needs to go. This in turn reduces the risk of error, and helps with system reporting. As with all nonprofits, reporting impacts the productivity of the financial management team more than any other activity. With shared data across systems, you can efficiently create the individualized reports needed for grantors, program directors, the board of directors and other stakeholders.

If you are a non-profit asking yourself how you can make ERP easier, you should do three things. One, read the blog post on how Nonprofits can reduce data entry with Intacct. You will learn valuable tips on how a fully integrated financial management system allows you to track grants, budget-to actual, timesheets, expenses, requisitions, purchases, and disbursements.

The second thing you should do is download the eBook There Must be an Easier Way. In it you will learn several valuable steps in how you can increase overall efficiency.

The third thing is to sign up for an upcoming webinar and see Intacct in action. There are several to choose from, plus a general overview session recurring every two weeks. This will give you the ability to learn what Intacct can do for you.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Intacct Partner in Delaware

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