If Accountability and Transparency are the Destination, Your Nonprofit Accounting System is the GPS

If Accountability and Transparency are the Destination, Your Nonprofit Accounting System is the GPS

More accountability, greater transparency, presenting the case for more funding – it all begins with an accounting solution that provides the necessary reporting quickly and accurately. Are you using a compass or a GPS?

Accounting GPSManaging by spreadsheet is muck like navigating with a compass. You’re probably very skilled at creating and using spreadsheets, but that takes time. Also, if you’re pulling data from program managers who are using their own spreadsheets to track theirs funds, contracts and grants – let’s just say there are many opportunities for errors (incorrect formulas, transposed numbers, etc.).

Even if your spreadsheets are perfect, they take time. How many times have requests for special reports been delayed or turned down because by the time the report was created, the information would be out of date before it was routed to the department head who made the request?

Isn’t it time to move from a compass to a GPS? Just like the smartphone made standalone GPS devices obsolete, the power of cloud-based accounting for nonprofits and flexible, dimensional reporting has made manual reporting pretty much unnecessary.

Accountability and Transparency

Imagine generating reports directly from your accounting system. Monthly financial packets done and distributed with the click of a button. Key Performance Indicators tracked and reported on real time. Rather than burning the late night oil preparing reports the old way, you can help department heads customize their own personal dashboards (with their department or program KPIs displayed to them in real time) and still head home at a reasonable hour.

Imagine using your strategic abilities to propel the organization with in-depth, increased analysis, rather than operating as a bookkeeper most of your working hours!

In the past, the cost of a nonprofit accounting system that could do all this would have cost-prohibitive. That’s not true anymore. You owe it to yourself and your team to take a closer look at what nonprofit accounting in the cloud could do for your department and your organization.

Your accounting department will thank you. Program managers will thank you. Executive management and Development will thank you.

Enjoy the fulfillment that comes from knowing that you are providing the crucial data that allows your organization to flourish and make a greater impact. We’ve got resources to help you envision how your organization could be transformed.

If you are scrambling, gathering information from the different systems in use in your organization, including an outdated, legacy accounting system, and using Excel to combine the necessary information for your stakeholders, the journey to accountability and transparency is likely to be bumpy, slow, prone to error and needing frequent course correction.

Better to use the power of cloud-based accounting to power your organization to the outcomes and results that allow you to secure more funding, serve your constituents, and fulfill your mission.

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