Advancements in Cloud Security

Technological advancement is truly amazing to behold. We have seen common cell phones evolve from simple flip-phones to handheld computing marvels in the span of a decade. Humanity has also seen the burgeoning electric vehicle and reusable spacecraft industries take flight over that same time. Although technological advancement brings about magnificent change, it also brings with it the fear of change and the unknown.

One of the technological advancements that has gained a lot of steam over the last decade is cloud computing. Cloud computing has given individuals and businesses the ability to house their data at a remote location and access it from anywhere. This has granted these parties significant conveniences and safety features that on-site storage simply does not have.

Operating on the cloud brings about a wide set of benefits such as reduction of IT maintenance costs and efforts, more peace of mind in times of natural disaster, and greatly opens up the opportunity for employees to work remotely. Truly, the cloud is the future for those who operate businesses.

However, some prospective cloud software users are hesitant to move to the cloud based on their concerns about data security.

Intacct, the leading cloud-based ERP system, leverages technology, best practices, and economies of scale to address concerns related to data security. The following are four areas of security that Intacct spares no effort to reinforce:


Intacct utilizes data centers that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These data centers use monitored, state-of-the-art servers and accompanying hardware along with standby servers and redundant power generators. This allows the cloud user to rest easy knowing that they will not lose access to their data if power is lost.


On the user side, Intacct has many features which clamp down on unauthorized access. Intacct gives you the option of forcing two-step verification every time someone logs in. Two-step verification requires the user to enter in a unique code that is sent to a pre-approved phone number or authenticator application. This helps to prevent unauthorized users from logging in even if they have a user’s username and password.

In addition to two-step authentication, Intacct is configurable to only allow users to log in from a range of approved IP addresses. If authorized users use static IP addresses, Intacct can be set up to prevent an unauthorized user from logging in if they are not logging in from an approved IP address.

Finally, Intacct allows for the customization of session and inactivity timeout lengths. Setting these timeout settings to shorter amounts of time decreases the chance that an unauthorized user gains access to a workstation that is left unattended.


Perhaps the prospective cloud user’s greatest concern is how secure the cloud is from external hackers and data thieves. Intacct utilizes a myriad of system security controls and safeguards to protect your data.

Since Intacct is able to leverage economies of scale, Intacct can maintain a state-of-the-art server and data environment with sophisticated hardware and infrastructure. This includes biometric access controls, hardened networks and firewalls, real-time activity log tracking, and automated virus and security scans. Also, all Intacct data transmission has a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

In addition, Intacct’s data environment undergoes rigorous third party trials by to ensure that their systems would be successful in defending against potential outside attacks. Intacct’s high levels of security and accountability has earned them the Enterprise-Ready seal from Sky High Networks, a cloud security accrediting body. Sky High Networks has also granted the Enterprise-Ready seal to Cisco’s WebEx, Citrix’s ShareFile, and, among many others.

Backup and Recovery

Finally, Intacct protects your data by performing daily backups to multiple locations, continuous backups of transaction data, and secure streaming of transaction data to a remote disaster recovery center. This allows the Intacct user to rest assured that there is relief if data loss occurs for any reason. In the event of major data loss, Intacct is able to provide a full data recovery within 24 hours.

Intacct takes your security very seriously and understands the concerns of both current and prospective cloud users. Since Intacct understands cloud security and invests in maintaining a secure environment, you can rest assured that your data is safe with Intacct.



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