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JMT Consulting was established in 1991 in New York and currently has regional offices in New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), Illinois (IL), Missouri (MO), Tennessee (TN) and Texas (TX) and serves over 2,000 nonprofit clients throughout North America. JMT’s mission is to empower nonprofits to achieve their mission through optimized systems and processes.

As an Authorized Business Partner for a number of different software vendors, we evaluate, sell, design, install, implement and support the technology solution that best addresses the needs of an organization. Each project is uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements and constraints of our clients. We work closely with clients on an on-going basis to ensure that our solution evolves with the needs of the organization. This allows us to make recommendations for additional products and services at the appropriate time to ensure that systems and processes are optimized.

JMT prides itself on structuring every engagement to ensure a proper mix of professional staff to execute and complete the work in a timely and efficient manner.

There are a number of unique attributes that distinguish JMT from other companies that claim to offer similar services to the nonprofit sector:

  • Unique Approach – We have developed a unique consulting approach that has allowed us to be very successful at implementing accounting systems for nonprofit organizations of all sizes and degrees of complexity. We believe that a documented implementation plan, frequent and open communication during the implementation process, and written detailed procedures are all critical elements behind our success.

For years, we have worked to standardize our approach to implementing new accounting systems to ensure that all of the proper steps are followed. This approach has allowed our clients to quickly become proficient with their new system, while achieving their long-term technology objectives. Our clients have consistently told us that they have appreciated our consulting approach, and given the opportunity to implement your solution, we are confident that you will agree.

  • Experience – Our firm has been providing services exclusively to non-profit and local government agencies since 1991 and offers a full range of technology and accounting services. Since its founding, JMT’s objective has been to leverage the experience of its professional staff to build a full-service firm capable of providing personalized service to each client. This approach has contributed to JMT’s rapid growth to over 2,000 successful nonprofit clients. JMT employs publisher-certified Trainers and Consultants who have completed rigorous training and certification requirements based on their demonstrated expertise with the product.
  • Independence We are not the software vendor, but your consultant, working for you. Unlike a software vendor who is also implementing your system, our primary relationship is with you, providing recommendations, services, and support that are in your best interests, with no conflict of interest. You can trust that JMT’s recommendation is not based on corporate loyalty, but rather on an independent assessment of your project requirements.

Personnel – Our project personnel include CPAs and holders of numerous technical certifications, all with a background in nonprofit and local government agencies. They bring a wealth of knowledge to each project, which not only includes the highest level of expertise with the software solution, but also experience as accountants and technology professionals working in a nonprofit organization. This experience allows JMT to use our collective experience to mitigate risk, anticipate needs and make holistic recommendations based on the broad range of projects we have successfully delivered.

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