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Intellitec Solutions has been helping businesses make the intelligent choice around their ERP software since 1986. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, they have guided clients in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and DC. They have conducted hundreds of engagements in a wide array of industries, helping companies make the best use of their software.

If you are moving your ERP to the Cloud, Intellitec Solutions is uniquely positioned to help. It is not enough to simply move software off your servers; you need to work with a partner who knows the best practices that will help you along the way. You need someone who can ask the questions of where you want to head with your Cloud ERP software. You need a partner who understands the possibilities of integration that the cloud brings. You need someone who can train your staff to best use the flexibility of a cloud based solution, while also adhering to industry best practices.

Intellitec Solutions process begins with the client – what unique challenges do they face? Why did the select a cloud based solution? What other business tools do they need to integrate with? When engaging Intellitec Solutions, clients get superior cloud technology, along with thoughtful problem-solving, responsive customer support and effective training

Staying on outdated accounting software because of one “cool” feature?

Increasingly we come across businesses that have not upgraded their accounting solution in a number of years, despite the fact that their ERP is not delivering all the functionality needed. In many cases, it is because of one key feature they do not want to lose. To some extent,...

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Manage your non-profit smoothly with Intacct

Non-profits face many unique challenges. Fund raising can be difficult or hard to predict, grant management often means generating financial reports in a variety of formats, and staff turnover means that systems need to be able to work smoothly. One particular task that can be difficulty is making sure...

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ERP professionals providing insight and advice for not for profit organizations.