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We had to make up a word to describe what we bring to Nonprofits when they work with us, because there wasn’t one word that adequately described the client experience. Xanegy is a mash up of the ‘Extras, Zen, and Energy’ that we bring to an engagement.

Xanegy combats the chaos and pain

We’re usually brought in when the chaos and pain of an existing accounting or fundraising system has become acute and needs to be addressed.

It may be that the manual work-arounds that have been gradually compiling over the years (due to inadequate systems) have reached a tipping point and the volume of spreadsheets has reached a demoralizing level – eating up staff members’ time and still not providing the level of insight needed for the organization.

It may erupt when something as simple as trying to segment a subset of your donors for a new fundraising campaign is impossible due to the limits of the donor database.

“Shouldn’t the software do this for us?!”

If you’ve ever had that thought, chances are, you’ve maxed out your system. Perhaps it served you well for many years, but going forward, it’s a roadblock rather than an avenue to transforming your organization.

The good news is the answer to the question “shouldn’t the software do this for us?” – is a resounding “Yes!” But it may mean changing software.

Xanegy offers Clarity, Confidence and Control

Control – Perhaps the most transformative, positive change the right systems can provide, is regaining control. Xanegy will help you set up your systems so that you get what you need right now – not after hours and days of manually working with the data. We set it up so that the software does it for you. Add to that, user-defined dashboards providing real time status of campaigns, funds, cash, or other key data – and program managers, the executive team and the board have the information they need whenever they need it – without IT intervention, without creating a new spreadsheet, and without delay.

Clarity – When you’re overwhelmed with ‘grunt work’ it’s hard to think and operate strategically. Letting the software do the grunt work automatically and more accurately, means that you and other stakeholders are able to analyze the data and act strategically and quickly. Xanegy sets up the system to provide optimal clarity and insight into your organization. You can spend your time on innovation and operational improvement rather than creating yet another spreadsheet.

Confidence – Confidence comes from viewing accurate data that allows you to seek new grants, raise more funds, ensure compliance, better manage funds, and, most importantly, put you in the best position to fulfill your mission.

Control, clarity and confidence all contribute to a Zen-like serenity. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that technology is working on your behalf – not at cross-purposes.

Xanegy operates in way that creates positive energy

Moving forward with solutions that will empower your organization is energizing. Xanegy brings that same energy as your solution partner. You won’t have to waste time pointing out the differences between nonprofits and commercial business operations – we get it. We only work with nonprofits.

We’ll bring insights and best practices that we’ve witnessed and implemented for other nonprofits – giving them the needed tailoring to properly fit your organization.

Our clients enjoy working with us. Yes, we’re fun and engaged – but we’ve done this work enough to know how to remove any unnecessary stress on your part. We’ll guide you on a clear path – not spring surprises on you.

The extras we bring give your organization an edge

Here’s another thing you should know about Xanegy – we’re the solution’s provider solution provider. That is, other solution providers often come to us for help and assistance.

So, yes, we admit that Xanegy is not a word you’ll find in any dictionary – but in working with us, and enjoying the Zen, the energy, and the extras, it’s a word we hope you add to your vocabulary to describe your fund accounting and fundraising implementation experience.

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