Nonprofit Accounting Software Comparison

There’s never been more accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems than there are today, with several claiming nonprofit expertise. However, QuickBooks has become the most popular accounting software for nonprofits without even trying. Why then are so many nonprofits moving away from QuickBooks? Is it because QuickBooks...

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The Value of Integrated Reporting and Why CFOs Should Care

In the article “4 Reasons CFOs Should Care about Integrated Reporting”, Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft, discusses key reasons why integrated reporting is so important for organizations.  Below is a summary of the four key points. Communicating vs. Complying Organizations often look at...

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Does the Cloud Cost Less? How to decide if your nonprofit should go into the cloud when choosing financial management software for your organization.

CFO Magazine recently published an online article entitled “How Low Cost Is That Low-Cost Cloud?” The article examines how to compare the costs of a cloud-based system vs. traditional software and hardware systems. Choosing the most efficient IT cost-reducing method is often “clouded” by the misconception that Cloud systems...

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