Easy Encumbrance Management for Non-Profits with Dynamics GP

Encumbrance is an accounting technique that protects budgets from being overspent. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Encumbrance Management module is designed primarily for not-for-profit and governmental organizations. It is easy to set up and well-suited to control budgets in situations where there are distributed spending entities. Encumbrances are essentially a...

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Alerts Keep your Nonprofit Informed

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides extensive reporting and, with Microsoft Dynamics SmartList, interactive list building capabilities. However, not-for-profits often need to be able to react in real-time when responding to fundraising events. Dynamics GP provides a very simple, but powerful, feature called Business Alert that notifies key decision makers when...

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Microsoft Forecaster Speeds Up the Budgeting Process for Nonprofits

Managers generally are not fond of planning yearly budgets or engaging in other forecasting exercises since it’s viewed as time taken away from helping the not-for-profit’s cause. But with Microsoft Forecaster 7.0, the budget process doesn’t have to trigger instant headaches. Available in your not-for-profit accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics...

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