Challenges of Nonprofit Accounting: How Intacct Can Help

Keeping the books for a nonprofit organization is both demanding and detailed.  Regulations demand accurate, meticulous reporting practices and well-documented expense and cash flow records.  What compounds theses accounting challenge are multiple funds and grants, each with their own unique reporting requirements. Following are three accounting challenges faced by...

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Control Account Managment for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Control Account Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP for Nonprofits Microsoft offers a module for Dynamics GP specifically tailored to the needs of not for profit companies, very plainly titled “Not for Profit Accounting.” This module is formed from four major components: Control Account Management, Encumbrance Management, Interfund Management, and...

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Managing Grants with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ideal solution for non-profits that have outgrown their existing financial accounting systems.   One of the reasons for this is its Grant Management Module.    Not only does Dynamics GP offer strong accounting controls and unparalleled financial reporting flexibility, it also helps organizations track and report...

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