Nonprofit Accounting Software Comparison

There’s never been more accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems than there are today, with several claiming nonprofit expertise. However, QuickBooks has become the most popular accounting software for nonprofits without even trying. Why then are so many nonprofits moving away from QuickBooks? Is it because QuickBooks...

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Advancements in Cloud Security

Technological advancement is truly amazing to behold. We have seen common cell phones evolve from simple flip-phones to handheld computing marvels in the span of a decade. Humanity has also seen the burgeoning electric vehicle and reusable spacecraft industries take flight over that same time. Although technological advancement brings...

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7 Reasons Why NFPs need Intacct – Part I

Many Non-Profit organizations that are using Quickbooks or a similar low-end solution for their accounting software are finding that they need something more robust.  The reasons for this can vary considerably.  For example, some organizations need better controls.   Or, maybe they need more financial reporting flexibility or easier integration...

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