Free tools to improve your experience with Microsoft Dynamics – Part 1

Microsoft Dynamics includes many features that facilitate and integrate business processes, but there are always tips and tricks to help you accomplish your task a little faster and easier.  In this 2 part series we will go over some free add-ons and tools that work with Dynamics to optimize your solution.

Support Debugging Tool from Microsoft

  • Color-code each company to differentiate them. Not only will this be more visibly pleasing but will expedite the process of finding who you are looking for.
  • Control individual user access and permissions.
  • Create and track error logs for future reference.
  • Gain instant resource and support information.
  • How to get it: Ask a partner to install it.

SpellCheck for Dynamics GP from Willoware

  • SpellCheck for Dynamics GP is an add-on that will allow you to check your spelling on notes & comments for Customer invoices and Purchase orders
  • In addition, you will also be able to check your spelling in manufacturing routing instructions.
  • How to get it: Ask a partner to install it.

SmartSort from Ethotech

Ethotech has come up with an add-on that will allow you to customize your “Find” view with sorting options so that you can increase your productivity. Narrow down search results to hone in on exactly what you’re looking for.

Nonprofits need to focus their time and attention on generating and tracking donations. Every little shortcut helps achieve this goal. We hope these free tools help provide your organization that extra time! Read more about Not-for-profit software solutions on our Nonprofit ERP page, and contact us for help in accessing and installing these tools.

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MIG & Co. – A New York City based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, serving New York with vast nonprofit/ not-for-profit experience.

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