Gain better organizational insight with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Turn insight into action with powerful analysis and reporting tools

Decisions—strategic, tactical, and operational—are the fuel that drives daily business activities and long-term business success. Microsoft Dynamics GP enables confident decision-making at all levels of your business based on solid information about all relevant factors.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you:

  • Give business managers the ability to gather all the information they need and drill down for more relevant data with more than 250 out-of-the box reports.
  • Proactively manage business conditions with real-time alerts delivered directly to your email or smart phone.
  • Take full advantage of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services for complex data analysis and the automated creation of OLAP cubes to show information from multiple angles and formats.
  • Give people throughout your business the knowledge they need to monitor their performance and align their daily activities with strategic goals.
  • Create key performance indicators tailored to specific roles and job descriptions and make them easily accessible in the familiar Microsoft Office user interface.
  • Perform ad hoc queries on Microsoft Dynamics GP data without logging into the system with Office Excel report templates. Reports can be stored on Office SharePoint Server 2010 for easy access and instantly refreshed at any time to ensure data is current.
  • Communicate strategic objectives more effectively, and enable people to more easily manage performance against plan across multiple departments or divisions.

Contact Accountnet for CPE accreditation for financial reporting and training. Learn how other organizations have used Microsoft Dynamics GP to lower IT costs.  Contact Accountnet, Inc., 212.Dynamics or 212-244-9009.  John Peace can discuss how Microsoft Dynamics can help your organization beyond tomorrow.

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