Get to Know Microsoft Dynamics’ SmartList Feature for Nonprofits

Not-for-profit organizations who already use Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Builder usually can’t imagine doing their work without it. For those new to it, SmartList Builder is a powerful report generator feature that makes it easy to find information within Dynamics.

SmartList Builder is an add-on for your Great Plains software.  It is quite simple to configure, and it starts by letting you choose your data source from a list of all the tables within Dynamics GP. There is even the ability to include external SQL Server tables.

You’re then given the option to select the fields to include in the report as separate columns. And yes, the column names can be edited to be different from perhaps less user-friendly field names in a Dynamics table.

And that’s about it, in terms of the basics of building a SmartList. At this point, you can go into the actual SmartList to view the multi-column report you’ve created.

But there’s a powerful feature that can turn a static SmartList report into something more interactive. SmartList Builder provides a “GoTo” function that allows your users to trigger a pop-up window containing the complete Dynamics GP record. They do this by just clicking on a line in the report.

Say that you’ve created a SmartList for your Account Receivables, in which the vendor, amount, and the days-past-due fields are listed as columns.

If you go into SmartList Builder, and click on the “GoTo” menu item, you’re given a list of all the Dynamics GP forms connected to the Receivables table. Be sure to then add a “task” and give it the key fields you’ll need to fetch the record.

Now when users are viewing the Receivables SmartList report and need to learn more about a bill, they can pop it up without having to navigate through the form.

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