How Microsoft Dynamics GP make it easier for your organization

Part of running a successful organization includes knowing the financial status of your company at all times.  You rely on your accounting software to be up-to-date so you can make informed business decisions.  Proven software should allow users to monitor current activity before having to close books each month or quarter.  You can’t wait a full month or longer to make critical decisions and expect to remain competitive in today’s world.

Microsoft Dynamics GP takes accounting software a step forward with integrated monitoring tools that allow employees to access relevant and timely data and make informed decisions:

SmartList data display
Get immediate notification about business activity. SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP allows people to organize and display data from the accounting system in a way that makes sense to them and to then search those records according to specific criteria. People can save their searches as SmartList favorites or export data to Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Word.

Office Excel analysis screen
Unleash the power of Microsoft Office Excel. Microsoft Dynamics GP has more than 700 Microsoft Office Excel reports out of the box that give you access to real-time data and are customizable. And, with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, access reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Microsoft Forecaster
Create, forecast, and adjust budgets. With Microsoft Forecaster, people can build budgets that incorporate market conditions and specific business objectives.  And, when the business environment changes, use Microsoft Forecaster to adjust forecasts and budgets so that managers can respond effectively.

Plan more effectively. Create accurate, high-level plans instantly, using up-to-date data pulled directly from the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integration across Microsoft Management Reporter and Microsoft Forecaster gives you access to all the data, from summaries to transactions.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can know the financial health of your organization at all times and have an accurate forecast of your business that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. And now with Management Reporter 2012, you can expect:

More flexibility in designing your financial reports with additional opportunities to collaborate with co-workers, auditors and others during the report design, distribution and viewing process.

Receive an interactive report viewing experience to help you drive decisions from the report data that’s delivered to you, deeper integration with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, including drilling back to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP data!

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Next steps:
View Microsoft Dynamics GP product demos and find Nonprofit and other industry-specific solutions from Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contact us with questions and for help.

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