How Nonprofits Can Save Their Government Funding

In resolution of recent budget debates, the House of Representatives has approved trillion dollar budget cuts to government programs and charities. In the latest budget debate concerning prevention of the rise in interest rates on student loans, additional budget cuts to government programs and charities were proposed as a potential solution. Can nonprofits save their funding?

According to the article, “How Nonprofits Can Fight Taxmageddon” by Mark Rosenman, director of Caring to Change, a project to improve how foundations serve the public, there are several efforts nonprofits can and need to make in order to protect themselves from further funding dissolution. As stated in the article, they can:

  • Provide money and other help to build assertive and ambitious voter-education efforts to help people better understand the critical issues nonprofit budget cuts create.
  • Propose policies that make sense and urge people to promote action on them by communicating with lawmakers and members of the executive branch.
  • Run voter-registration efforts and encourage and help people to participate fully in the democratic process. In particular, they should rally their own constituencies, people who use their services, volunteers, and staff members to sign up and vote.
  • Operate nonpartisan turn-out-the-vote campaigns so that the people they serve, often the most marginalized, make their voices heard at the ballot box.

If Congress and presidential candidates continue to see government program and charity budget cuts as a solution to the current fiscal issues, the loss of funding will significantly compromise the functionality of nonprofits. Click here to read the full article on “How Nonprofits Can Fight Taxmageddon” from The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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