Integrating ERP and CRM Brings Bonus Benefits for Not-for-Profits

You probably know that ERP solutions can help you streamline operations management so that your Not-for-Profit organization can keep its focus off of your financials and on your mission and that using a CRM solution can help you manage relationships with the people you serve and the people who help you serve them.  But if you are running your ERP and CRM solutions separately, you may now find that your stand-alone products require duplicate data entry and hamper enterprise-wide analysis.  There are countless benefits bringing your CRM and ERP solutions together through integration to help your organizational data travel seamlessly to the people who need it, but here are what we consider to be the top 3:

 ROI – For organizations like yours, it is vital that you realize a return on any investment that you make into your business management systems rapidly.  Now, more than ever, ERP and CRM systems are built to work in harmony.  That fact combined with the experience that partners have functioning as Systems Integrators enables you to get integrated with less effort and expense than in the past, thereby lessening your investment and enabling you to reap returns on it faster.

Visibility – With integration, you can view many facets of your customers at once, eliminating the departmental silos that otherwise prevent creative problem-solving. By tying relationship data to financial data, you can get a more complete picture of the health of your organization and how to optimize your resources to further your mission.

Efficiency and Accuracy – An integrated system eliminates duplicate data entry, a no-brainer for improved efficiencies and reduction of error.

A great example of an organization who realized all of these benefits from integrating their ERP and CRM solutions (namely Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) is Wingspan Care Group, a human services not-for-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio.  Here about some of the benefits that they have experienced. Watch their video here.

See for yourself how Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work together to deliver big benefits to your organization by viewing our complimentary webinar on-demand here.

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