It’s Crunch Time – Business Intelligence Tools that Make Life Easy

Lookup Tables got you down?  Pivot Tables have your head spinning?  Logic Statements not making sense?  IF(YOU=”Are Fed Up With Fighting Against Spreadsheets”,”Work Smarter not Harder”)

We’ve all been there.  You need the figures for your board, donor presentation, or grant application.  Now you have to spend hours aggregating spreadsheets, calculating, formatting, and (worst of all) manually typing in the details.  It can be a full time job pulling everything together, and can you ever be sure that a single keystroke error won’t make your bottom line #REF!?

With Business Intelligence tools, such as Dundas Dashboards, that integrate directly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can slice and dice your KPIs as easily as assembling an MP3 playlist.  Select from a list of pre-populated common reports, or drag-and-drop your dimensions on the fly.  Share your reports & charts online.  These reports will come in handy when presenting to potential donors that will help them understand how well your not-for-profit is managing itself. It’s so easy, even your boss can use it.

MIG provides powerful solutions that allow NFPs to automate processes while tracking donations and reducing costs. Contact us to find out how our technology can help your business grow and improve in this challenging economic environment.

MIG & Co. – A New York City based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner,
serving New York with vast nonprofit/ not-for-profit experience

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