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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a richly featured financial accounting and business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate your organization. You can choose from the Business Essentials (BE) and Advanced Management (AM) editions of pre-selected software modules available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and add modules to complete your business management solution.

General Ledger Detail Inquiry
Browse inquiries and trace transactions. Inquiry windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP make it easy to browse records and get details. Similarly, audit trails in Microsoft Dynamics GP allow people to quickly trace a transaction throughout the system.

Purchase Receipts Report
Get immediate notification about business activity. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can set up Business Alerts to automatically notify them about business changes. The Business Alerts feature monitors the Microsoft SQL Server database for conditions you specify.

Track and report on business financial performance. Microsoft Management Reporter helps people understand how the business is doing financially—without having to wait until the books are closed. You can also easily create, manage, and distribute business financial statements.

Receive Role Tailored information. Role Tailored centers within the Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal provide people with business intelligence information relevant to their jobs.

SmartList data display
Get immediate notification about business activity. SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP allows people to organize and display data from the accounting system in a way that makes sense to them and to then search those records according to specific criteria. People can save their searches as SmartList favorites or export data to Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Word.

Office Excel analysis screen
Unleash the power of Microsoft Office Excel. Microsoft Dynamics GP has more than 700 Microsoft Office Excel reports out of the box that give you access to real-time data and are customizable. And, with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, access reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Budget, forecast, and plan effectively
Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexible planning tools to help you compare budgets, forecasts, and plans to actual performance. It also gives you the ability to update budgets and plans on the basis of new data and analyses to help your business stay competitive.

Microsoft Forecaster
Create, forecast, and adjust budgets. With Microsoft Forecaster, people can build budgets that incorporate market conditions and specific business objectives. And, when the business environment changes, use Microsoft Forecaster to adjust forecasts and budgets so that managers can respond effectively.

Plan more effectively. Create accurate, high-level plans instantly, using up-to-date data pulled directly from the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integration across Microsoft Management Reporter and Microsoft Forecaster gives you access to all the data, from summaries to transactions.

Empower decision-makers. Integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and industry-leading tools, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, and Microsoft Management Reporter, the new Financial report writer,  gives your people the information they need to forecast, analyze, and make business decisions.

Next steps
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