Make Secure Payments with Safe Pay for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are your payments secured?

Like many organizations, you are constantly sending out checks to pay vendors, employees, and many other people who you do work with.  Unfortunately not everyone has good intentions and sometimes mistakes can happen.

Lately, check fraud has been increasing and is expected to continue in the coming years. Most organizations do not think it will happen to them, but at some point your organization might lose a large sum of money for not taking the right precautions. So why not switch to financial management software that will help protect your Not-for-Profit’s risk of fraud?

Safe Pay is a feature within Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains GP that will monitor checks that are cashed by banks.  So if someone were to cash in a check your Not-for-Profit distributed and the amount of the check did not match what is in your Dynamics GP system, it will be sent back to you for review.

Your nonprofit can easily configure Safe Pay to match most banks’ positive pay layout specifications without special customizations. In addition, you will be able to view historical uploads within GP to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Make sure your Not-for-Profit has the tools to deter check fraud and facilitate your business process. You do not want to send out a check and find out that there was not enough money in your account due to fraudulent activity!

Find out more about how Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains GP can help protect your Not-for-Profit.

MIG provides powerful solutions that allow NFPs to automate processes while tracking donations and reducing costs. Contact us to find out how our technology can help your business grow and improve in this challenging economic environment.

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