Mapping Out Your Nonprofit Software Selection Journey

software selection journeyAt Xanegy we’ve identified the five phases of a nonprofit software selection journey. With a major project like researching, selecting and implementing software, having a guide can help streamline the process.

The five phases of you software selection journey are:

  1. Identify the problems that need to be solved
  2. Gather information
  3. Work with a partner who understands
  4. Investigate who else is using the software
  5. Selection and deployment

Prepare for some big changes since the last time you looked for new software. Organizations typically change accounting software every seven or so years. Technology has changed dramatically in the last seven years.

A quick scroll through the many blog post on this site is evidence on just how much of an impact cloud technology has had on the nonprofit sector.

Who can help you sift through the information to begin to identify the best course of action for your organization?

You can go through this process on your own. But we recommend that at some point you enlist a partner who understands the following: the software solution, cloud technology, grant and fund accounting, and the uniqueness of nonprofit organizations.

We believe this is the most critical phase of your software selection journey because it will be the difference between a good fit and a poor fit, and the difference between a smooth implementation and a bumpy implementation.

This can be a rigorous selection process in itself. What you need is a technology partner who understands three things: How your organization works, how the software would work in the context of your organization’s needs, and the best technology platform for solution delivery.

A partner with extraordinary knowledge of technology but no understanding of how a nonprofit works and the reporting requirements you need to provide – simply doesn’t have the experience to guide you in the most helpful way.

A partner who understands nonprofits, but has no practical experience with software technology and deployment, might not be aware of the technological advances that could be implemented to increase effectiveness and decrease total cost of ownership.

When you have a software partner who understands technology, nonprofits, and accounting software, the Nonprofit Software Selection Journey becomes much more manageable. When you have a software partner who understands technology, nonprofits, and accounting software, you are better positioned to pick the best solution to address your immediate problems as well as equip yourself for future needs.

Read more about the Nonprofit Software Selection Journey here. 

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