Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Efficient Citizen Relationship Management

The “Customer Relationship” in CRM does not only apply to business consumers, it also relates to citizen relationships, which tend to have substantial challenges. There is a need to improve Citizen and Business service delivery with simpler processes, less paperwork, and more efficient interactions. Government agencies also face challenges with increasing operational efficiency, compliance and accountability, and leveraging power of technology.

In order to alleviate these challenges, Microsoft has designed its Dynamics CRM based on the requirements gathered by local government experts. The two main solutions that can change service delivery are:

·         Case Management – This will allow government staff to track not only issues but also building permits, waste requests, parking payment, etc. per Citizen or Business. CRM has built in functionalities that, in response to internal or external event triggers, enable government employees to set up workflows to assess, plan, perform, monitor, and evaluate the options and services required by constituents. This way, when a citizen calls, any staff member will be able to see the progress of the case and provide information of the activities.

·         Citizen Contact Center – This enables the government agency to provide multichannel access to its information and services via phone, web, email, and instant messaging. This also allows the agency to integrate its contacts with Case Management.

By implementing these solutions, metrics such as turnaround for inquiries, call volume, exception handling, escalation management, resource requirements, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), can be gathered. This way, an elected Official’s KPI can be easily determined which can assist in optimizing agenda for Citizen Relationship Management.

MIG & Co. is an official federal and state vendor with various Government certifications and the knowledge to help you integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM for better citizen management.

MIG provides powerful solutions that allow NFPs to automate processes while tracking donations and reducing costs. Contact us to find out how our technology can help your business grow and improve in this challenging economic environment.

MIG & Co. – A New York City based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, serving New York with vast nonprofit/ not-for-profit experience.

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