Microsoft Dynamics GP Brings your Budget Full Circle

Budgeting is an important element of successful business management.  Creating budgets that show income vs. spending is a common accounting practice used to determine profitability, efficiency, and streamline core business processes.  Budgeting leads to forecasting or projections so that you can watch trends and prepare for spikes in business or lean times.  Budgeting can be as simple or as complex as you make it, but often enough it will start in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The budgeting data created in the Excel spreadsheet is often then copied or reformatted, or worse yet manually re-entered, and entered into accounting software.  It already takes long enough to create a budget; there shouldn’t be any further delay in using it.

Full Circle: Budget is budgeting tool developed for Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL that can streamline the budget consolidation process.  You can still create your budget in Excel in the way that makes sense to you.  Full Circle: Budget helps you quickly and easily import the data into your accounting software without fear of losing or compromising critical data.

The Full Circle: Budget feature is unique to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL.  The budgets that you created in Excel can be saved into the accounting system ‘as entered’ or as a batch.  Definitions in the budget are correlated to the accounting program so that data isn’t changed or lost in the process.  Definitions can also be disabled or password protected so that they can’t be changed by unauthorized personnel.  Any changes to the budget are saved and tagged by the author with a date to create an audit trail of your budget compilation.  Budget IDs and time periods can be specified in rows or trended across columns.  Comments can also be saved and easily retrieved.  Full Circle: Budget will automate the transfer of budget data into your accounting software reducing the potential for errors and the time to get your budget on the books so that you can use it to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is comprehensive business management software solution and the Full Circle:  Budget feature has just made the important task of budgeting easier.  T3 Information Systems can also help you reach the full potential of your software with a number of support services including periodic system “check-ups” and 24/7 support provided via phone, email or remote assistance.  For more information about Full Circle: Budget and Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact T3 Information Systems.

By T3 Information Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based out of Washington DC

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