New Functionality with Microsoft Dynamcis GP 2010

The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010 is exciting to us and is helping our clients.   Here are just a few of our favorite functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010:

  • In previous versions, you could only budget for one fiscal year, and now you have the ability to budget for multiple years and in any period you need insight to. This has been especially helpful for our non-profit clients who need to budget for project life to date or grant life to date.
  • The new journal entry logic is similar to previous versions, so there is no need to re-learn the task, but with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you now have the ability to add transactions to your budget. For example, you can now see the original, as well as any changes you’ve made and finally the new budget in its entirety. Reporting this data is easy and you can even increase or decrease budgets by percentage.
  • You can now email documents directly out of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, such as sales invoices, statements, remittances, payables and more. This email functionality streamlines your processes and saves you time.
  • Recurring batches within the general ledger of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is easy with the ability to create templates for your accounting processes. This greatly streamlines your journal entry process and reduces the risks of manual errors.

Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. T3 Information Systems (formerly Tate & Tryon Technology and Pierce Financial Systems) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and 2008 Microsoft Presidents Club Member that provides accounting software solutions that address critical, specific needs in industries such as Non-Profit, Financial, and Distribution/Service.

By T3 Information Systems, a Washington D.C. Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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