Nine Key Ways Board Members for Nonprofits Can Raise Money without Fundraising

Some people are born fundraisers.  Others are so passionate about their cause, that they have no problem asking for a contribution.  And then there are those individuals who are just uncomfortable asking for money no matter how passionate or connected they are.  If you have a board member that is not reaching your fundraising expectations, then these tips may help your nonprofit leverage individuals in a way that helps your nonprofit’s bottom line.

According the article “9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising” by Nell Edgington, President of Social Velocity—a management consulting firm for nonprofits, there are ways  board members can significantly contribute to a nonprofit’s bottom line without fundraising directly. As stated in the article, they are:

  1. Help create or evaluate a business plan for an earned income venture.
  2. Advocate for government money.
  3. Provide intelligence on prospects.
  4. Set up a meeting with a prospective customer.
  5. Email, call, or visit a donor just to say thanks.
  6. Explain to a prospect why you serve.
  7. Host a small gathering at their home.
  8. Recruit an in-kind service.
  9. Negotiate a lower price from a vendor.

All of these items leverage a board member’s connections, expertise, and clout.  They also empower board members to easily contribute to the overall fundraising strategy and potentially exceed expectations.  Read the full article here to get all the details on the “9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising”.

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