Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Business Portal for Instant Access

Finance managers are constantly being asked to do more with few resources.  However, most accounting software packages make you spend a lot of time running reports and searching for key data if you want to see up-to-date financial information.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could see key financial information right as you log onto your computer?  Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL gives you secure access to up-to-date information about your organization’s finances – so you don’t have to spend time running reports and searching for data.

It is difficult to spell out all the possibilities of Business Portal in a short article, but here’s a glimpse of the features you can use.  You can view all of your grants or projects to see if they are exceeding their budgets and you can also view a list of expense reports to see what has been completed, approved, and rejected. On top of that, you can see details for all the costs charged to a grant or project, such as vendor costs, labor costs and travel expenses. Business Portal can be customized by role so that your employees only see the information that they need.

One of the coolest features of Business Portal is that it is accessible via a web browser.  Whether you are in the office, traveling on business or working from home, you can access your financial information instantly.   And remember that this is just one feature of Microsoft Dynamics SL. The entire system is built around efficiency and ease of use, which is why it is continually chosen by not-for-profit organizations to save time and money. Next time you want a snapshot of your organization’s finances, start a mental timer and imagine how great it would be to get that information instantly.
Brittenford Systems is a Virginia Microsoft Dynamics Partner that works with nonprofit organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  For more information on how you use business portal for instant access and insight into your organization’s financial results, contact Brian Dietz.

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