Nonprofits are Using Technology to Improve Their Financial Management

Nonprofit organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation, American Urological Association, and The Philadelphia Zoo, to name a few, leverage technology to lift their teams out of endless streams of paperwork and into analysis, strategy, and more time dedicated to serving their mission.

After fighting with difficult data management from their previous system, Gary Deemer, Accounting Director of the Arbor Day Foundation, discussed the improvements he and his team experienced after implementing a new financial management system. The Arbor Day Foundation selected Serenic Navigator as their financial management software in order to improve processes and become more efficient.

“Serenic Navigator could handle the volume of transactions without really experiencing much of a slowdown,” says Deemer.

Within six months of implementing Serenic Navigator, the Arbor Day Foundation’s nine-person accounting team experienced significant improvements in the information recorded in their system.  Serenic Navigator has also enabled project managers, executives, and board members to access financial and transaction information that they previously could not access.

The American Urological Association (AUA) implemented a more updated and flexible financial management system with Serenic Navigator. They needed tracking of financial data for three separate business groups and a system that would accommodate the AUA’s specific needs of deferring revenue and expenses associated with special events and giving non-core users access to data.

After implementing Serenic Navigator, AUA’s needs were satisfied.  “Ultimately, we’re saving lots of time,” said Barbara Hartford, Finance Director at the AUA.

The Philadelphia Zoo, with annual operating revenue of $36 million, implemented Serenic Navigator because they had previously been using accounting software lacking key functionality for nonprofit organizations including fund accounting and a logical table-driven chart of accounts.

“Our staff can devote more time to analytical review, improving the accuracy of financial reports,” said Tom Walker, Controller of Philadelphia Zoo.

As depicted by the Arbor Day Foundation, AUA and Philadelphia Zoo, nonprofits are not only finding a financial management solution to address their existing accounting challenges, but they are taking advantage of the many ways Serenic Navigator enables improvement of their organization.

Watch this two minute video to hear more nonprofit’s experiences in their own words: 

Interested in seeing a free demonstration of Serenic Navigator? Visit AVF Consulting’s events page and register for “Serenic Navigator Web Demo: Financial Management Software for Nonprofits and NGOs”.


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