Nonprofits Can Collaborate More Effectively with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Built-in IM

Instant messaging has been a mainstream part of business communications for years. And Microsoft has made great efforts to integrate real-time text communication into such enterprise stalwarts as Sharepoint and Outlook. So why aren’t you using the built-in IM feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP to communicate and collaborate within your non-profit organization?

IM is a simple nonprofit software tool that you should be using for several reasons. First it’s a great way to cut across bureaucratic layers, and connect your staff and volunteers with the appropriate expert resource within your organization. For a not-for-profit with a distributed staff that may not all reside in a single location, Microsoft Dynamics GP’s instant messaging feature can save on cell-phone and long distance charges.
Instant messaging is also a natural way to react quickly to ad hoc requests or respond quickly to special needs, which is especially important in a non-profit environment.

In the R2 release of Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft enhanced the instant messaging capability with further integrations with Microsoft Lync (formerly Office Communicator). The focus of the enhancements were to bring certain customer information and ordering capability directly into the IM session. These are, of course, still important as a nonprofit software function.

But there’s no reason why Microsoft’s IM capability can’t be used to replace cumbersome email exchanges. And with Microsoft Dynamics power to share donor records and other entities such as URL shortcuts, non-profit staff can collaborate quickly and efficiently as they exchange web references to internal Dynamics information in their real-time sessions.


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