NonProfits Get Better Business Forecasting With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Your accounting software should give you enough data to create an accurate forecast of your business. Not only should you know what is happening in real-time now, you need insight into what is supposed to happen next month or even next year.

Part of running a successful business includes knowing the financial status of your company at all times.  You rely on your accounting software to be up-to-date so you can make informed business decisions.  Good software should allow users to monitor current activity before having to close books each month or quarter.  You can’t wait a full month or longer to make critical decisions and expect to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics GP takes good accounting software a step forward with integrated monitoring tools that allow employees to access relevant and timely data and make informed decisions:

  1. Business Alerts: Customized Business Alerts can be created to notify about vital business changes so you can monitor specific conditions and stay on top of the metrics that are important.
  2. Key Performance Indicators: Good accounting software can maintain important financial information, but intelligent software like Microsoft Dynamics GP can watch for trends, monitor key performance indicators, and report information that is relevant and usable to each department.  The SmartList feature can customize displays for employees so they can search data according to the specific criteria they need to make decisions.
  3. Better Budgets: With Microsoft Forecaster or our own Full Circle Budget, you can build budgets that respond to fluctuations in market conditions or other criteria important to your business.  You can easily update budgets and forecasts so you can plan effectively, make quick decisions, and stay competitive.

Make your accounting software work as hard as you do to stay successful.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can know the financial health of your company at all times and have an accurate forecast of your business that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

By T3 Information Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner based out of Washington DC

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