Organizational Assistance for People and Processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Provide your people with a familiar and fully integrated business management solution to realize new levels of productivity.

When you connect people to the right processes across your company with a fully integrated business management solution that is familiar and easy to use, you are setting the stage for increased productivity. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help by allowing you to:

Gain access to the right information and tools with the RoleTailored interface of Microsoft Dynamics GP, which provides employees the specific information and functionality they need based specifically on their role in your company.

Free your people to focus on what matters most by automating routine tasks such as timesheets, expense reporting, sales orders, and more.

Make business information, reports, and documents readily available on intranet or extranet sites for more-productive collaboration among employees, customers, and trading partners.

Take advantage of Web-based requisition management capabilities, where employees can submit requisitions online, automatically routing them through an approval process across your organization.

Enable mobility and remote access by bringing relevant information to the hands of your people through portal-based access. Enhance collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server together to implement workflows, advanced searches, and collaborative business intelligence.

Provide your people with a user experience similar to that of other Microsoft products to reduce training time and help people achieve their full potential faster.

Learn how other organizations use Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve the productivity of people and processes.

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