Checklist: Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Nonprofit Organizations

wp_accounting_system_checklist_nfp-thumbWhat features should you look for in a modern accounting system? Download our checklist and learn how the right accounting system can:


  • Improve your transparency and accountability
  • Automate time-consuming financial processes and optimize workflows to fit your business processes
  • Give you real-time visibility into your financial and operational data anytime, anywhere
  • Lower IT costs and reduce technology risks with a best-in-class cloud architecture

Learn how to move your nonprofit accounting system out of the Stone Age.

Finding a new accounting system can be daunting for nonprofit organizations—especially if your resources and budgets are tight. But, if your current accounting system forces you to spend hours doing manual processes, limits your flexibility, and drains your resources, consider moving to a modern, financial system.

What features should you look for? Download our checklist, “Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Nonprofit Organizations,” to help you in your evaluation.

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