Serenic’s BudgetVision for Nonprofits Provides Real-Time Access to Budget Information

In May 2011, Serenic launched BudgetVision, an addition to their suite of financial management software that includes fund accounting, grant, and donor management software. Serenic’s new BudgetVision integrates with Serenic’s financial management software and helps nonprofits avoid budget surprises and eliminates the cumbersome, disparate spreadsheets commonly used for budget planning across multiple departments.


Serenic BudgetVision improves accounting for nonprofits by enabling organizations to better manage budget lifecycles with a preparation and monitoring tool that replaces spreadsheets and provides real-time access to financial information. Employees with Internet access can use BudgetVision’s Budget Center Portal to easily enter budget data, view available funds and review and compare actual spending to budgets.


Fully integrated with Serenic’s financial management software, BudgetVision uses centralized administration to define global settings and allows preparers to forecast, submit, modify and track multiple budgets. Adjustments are posted to budgets within Serenic Navigator, and organizations can easily create different “what-if” scenarios of project and department budgets with access to stored financial records.  Automated processes simplify budget review, tracking revisions and final approvals, while accounting for multiple currencies and conversions.


Learn more about how Serenic’s BudgetVision replaces spreadsheets as budgeting tools for nonprofit organizations.  Attend a free, hour long webinar on August 2, 2011 at 2:30 pm ET.  Visit AVF Consulting  for more information and to register.

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