Staying on outdated accounting software because of one “cool” feature?

Increasingly we come across businesses that have not upgraded their accounting solution in a number of years, despite the fact that their ERP is not delivering all the functionality needed. In many cases, it is because of one key feature they do not want to lose. To some extent, that makes sense. The goal of any ERP solution is to make life easier, so once a business system is in place that can help with a critical task, most organizations are reluctant to let go of that feature. But staying with software just to retain one or two components does not make sense if you can find that same functionality in a software like Intacct.

Our company came across an example of this recently. We were talking to a Long Term Care facility that handled their financials through their clinical management software that had a built in accounting piece. They recognized that the accounting part of the package was weak, and was not providing the updates that you would see in a true ERP package. As the years went on, they were missing the ability to create reports and do other statistical analysis that most of today’s accounting packages offer. However, they were very hesitant to look at new accounting software because the all-in-one software they were using gave them the ability to view an Invoice directly in the Accounts Payable screen. They feared that without that feature, staff would lose something they came to rely on, and that in turn made the CFO unwilling to look a new ERP solution.

In that particular case we showed them that Intacct had the ability to do the very same thing.  In the vendor view list within Intacct, a user can call up the detail of an Invoice and open an attachment showing a scanned copy of the source document. And within that same screen, users have the ability to see if a bill has been paid. Once that CFO saw that Intacct could provide the one “awesome’ feature they were afraid of losing, taking a look at the superior reporting and integration to other software packages that Intacct provides was a very easy decision.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Intacct partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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