How Nonprofits Can Save Their Government Funding

In resolution of recent budget debates, the House of Representatives has approved trillion dollar budget cuts to government programs and charities. In the latest budget debate concerning prevention of the rise in interest rates on student loans, additional budget cuts to government programs and charities were proposed as a...

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Improving Social Capital and Stakeholder Support in Nonprofit Organizations with Formal Performance Management and Control Systems

A commonly used form of social capital is bonding. Bonding is the development of close interpersonal relationships between the organization and stakeholder in order to gain the stakeholder’s support. The acquisition of these close interpersonal relationships is greatly influenced by the stakeholder’s perception of the organization’s values and competence....

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Microsoft Dynamics for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Successful management of a not-for-profit organization requires providing high-quality service, but at the same time, careful administration – to reduce expenses and automate processes are ongoing requirements. Each type of not-for-profit organization has unique management needs. For example: Microsoft Dynamics GP offers powerful not-for-profit management solutions focused on the...

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