Does the Cloud Cost Less? How to decide if your nonprofit should go into the cloud when choosing financial management software for your organization.

CFO Magazine recently published an online article entitled “How Low Cost Is That Low-Cost Cloud?” The article examines how to compare the costs of a cloud-based system vs. traditional software and hardware systems. Choosing the most efficient IT cost-reducing method is often “clouded” by the misconception that Cloud systems...

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Managing Grants with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ideal solution for non-profits that have outgrown their existing financial accounting systems.   One of the reasons for this is its Grant Management Module.    Not only does Dynamics GP offer strong accounting controls and unparalleled financial reporting flexibility, it also helps organizations track and report...

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Microsoft Dynamics for Not-For-Profit Organizations

Successful management of a not-for-profit organization requires providing high-quality service, but at the same time, careful administration – to reduce expenses and automate processes are ongoing requirements. Each type of not-for-profit organization has unique management needs. For example: Microsoft Dynamics GP offers powerful not-for-profit management solutions focused on the...

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