The Value of Integrated Reporting and Why CFOs Should Care

In the article “4 Reasons CFOs Should Care about Integrated Reporting”, Bob Laux, Senior Director of Financial Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft, discusses key reasons why integrated reporting is so important for organizations.  Below is a summary of the four key points. Communicating vs. Complying Organizations often look at...

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Interfund Accounting Made Easy for Nonprofits with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Well-designed and implemented technology business solutions are the key to operating efficiently.  Many solutions and services are designed specifically to help not-for-profit organizations improve performance through technology.  One such solution is Interfund Management. Many nonprofits still struggle with reconciling their accounting data manually. With detailed fund-tracking requirements, this can...

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Budgeting and Reporting Tips for Non-Profits – Part I

The first step is creating a world class budgeting and financial reporting solution begins with the budget. TIP # 1 When creating budgets, don’t start with last year’s budget.   Start from scratch.   Zero-based budgeting forces you to rethink your entire budget.    Furthermore, don’t just look at revenues and expenses.  ...

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