The Archdiocese of Atlanta Benefits from Serenic Accounting Software for Nonprofits

With the need for increased transparency, accountability, and efficiency, Brad Wilson, CFO of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, discusses the process he and his team went through in choosing a new financial management system.

Brad’s first step was to spend several months with his team evaluating their current business processes and considering their future needs.  They also visited several other nonprofits to confirm that the software operated in the way that it was expected.  This helped the Archdiocese team to see how other nonprofits handled similar transactions.

Since they began using Serenic Navigator and working with Serenic partner, AVF Consulting, the Archdiocese of Atlanta has reduced costs and seen significant improvements in efficiency.  They have been able to reallocate resources to their programs, allowing funds to be spent in areas that accomplish their mission and impact lives.

Watch this two minute video to hear the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s experience in their own words:

Interested in seeing a free demonstration of Serenic Navigator?  Visit AVF Consulting’s events page and register for “Serenic Navigator Web Demo: Financial Management Software for Nonprofits and NGOs”.

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  • Great video – really gets the message across!!

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