Webinar: Make Revenue and Expense Deferrals More Efficient for Your Not-for-Profit

Can’t seem to fully integrate your revenue & expense deferrals? Now you can automate the deferral of key revenues or expenses at the time of transaction entry to reduce repetitive and manual entry efforts in the future. Don’t waste the time of your valued employees doing workarounds with your software when there is already a solution out there for your not-for-profit organization.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, learn how to:

  • Improve user productivity through the creation of schedules, adjustments, and journal entries
  • Adjust schedules on-the-fly for accurate financial data
  • Reduce IT costs without the need for multiple systems
  • Simplify adherence to AICPA, EITF, FASB, SEC guidelines and avoid costly audits
  • Create and customize any report
  • Improve revenue and expense forecasting and budgeting

Register for our webinar March 15, 2012 and learn more about what Revenue & Expense Deferrals can do for your nonprofit’s management solution!

Date: Thursday March 15, 2012

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM


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