Dashboards Without Graphs?

Is a dashboard a dashboard if it doesn’t have charts or graphs?   According to dashboard experts like Stephen Few, who has authored several books on dashboard design, the answer is no.  In the book, Information Dashboard Design, Mr. Few states that, “a dashboard is a visual display of the...

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Nonprofit Accounting Software Comparison

There’s never been more accounting software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems than there are today, with several claiming nonprofit expertise. However, QuickBooks has become the most popular accounting software for nonprofits without even trying. Why then are so many nonprofits moving away from QuickBooks? Is it because QuickBooks...

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Accounting Software: Care & Feeding for Nonprofits

This is the seventh and final post in our blog series: Best Practices for Selecting Nonprofit Accounting Software The typical accounting software lifecycle is 5-10 years for nonprofits, so you’re looking at a long-term investment. Keeping your new accounting software viable is achieved by implementing upgrades and proactive maintenance....

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